Yacht Chartering - Blue Voyage

For families or friends who wish to charter an entire yacht (including crew) for a private cruise there are advantages in several respects...

As a private party, you are free to charter the yacht for any given period of time, and you may also determine the route. There is no sailing ground more beautiful than the Turkish Mediterranean Coast between Bodrum to the north-west of Marmaris and Antalya to the south-east.

We’ll provide only the basics of your voyage program and you will be free to settle details together with the Captain during the cruise. The Captain will be happy to comply with your wishes, circumstances permitting. Days on board are always eventful and may differ greatly from each other: Quiet little bays with crystal clear water, or a lusty wind, favorable for sailing, some ancient ruins beckoning on a hillside, or a busy quaint little seaside town which you may choose to visit.

What to bring on a yacht tour

Enjoy your cruise in complete relaxation while the Captain and the crew make your journey a perfectly special “Blue Voyage”.

For the boat you will need nonslip foot ware, your swimming things, a sun hat, some t-shirts and shorts, a sweater for cool evenings and for excursions and climbs, blue jeans and strong foot ware.

Instead of one large suitcase, we recommend two smallish soft bags as they are far more convenient when it comes to stowing them away in your cabin.

Also… Some towels, a mini first aid kit and toiletries. Gentlemen may consider bringing a battery operated shaver or razor.