Sample Meals Served on Board

On your Blue Voyage, the captain and crew will provide you with three meals every day. In the mornings, your captain will serve a traditional turkish breakfast with fresh tomatos, cuecumbers, olives, cheese and jams, along with tea or coffee. Lunch and dinner meal options are selection of traditional meals including Shish Taouk, Dolma and fresh tomoatos and herb pasta. By letting us know in advance, other menu options can be added to your trip as well.

Shish Taouk

Shish taouk is a traditional Turkish shish kebab which can also be found in Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. Cubes of chicken are skewered and grilled. Common marinades are based upon yogurt or a tomato puree, though there are many variations. Shish taouk is typically eaten with garlic paste Toum.

Dolma - Stuffed Peppers

Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes in Turkish cuisine and the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and surrounding regions, including, Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Levant, the Balkans, Greece, Iran and Central Asia. Perhaps the best-known is the grape-leaf dolma, which is more precisely called yaprak dolma or sarma. Common vegetables to stuff include zucchini, eggplant, tomato and pepper. The stuffing may include meat or not. Meat dolma are generally served warm, often with sauce; meatless ones are generally served cold. Both can be eaten along with yoghurt.

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

We make our own tomato sauce from freshly picked tomatoes to make our delicious pasta dishes. You have the option to have your tomato sauce with ground meat or whithout meat.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a world-known coffee which can be served sweet or bitter. In Turkish, there is a saying that emphasizes the importance in Turkish culture of offering a cup of coffee to someone: "a cup of coffee has a 40-year consideration".